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To infinity and beyond imagination

In love with art from an early age, I always seek to expand my learning. Coming from a not very small city of Brazil - São Paulo - and with good knowledge and experience in web, UI/UX, graphic and digital design, my main focus is to bring to my clients something that they can identify. This year I come up with a space theme to show out my digital design skills and make this portfolio funnier! Enjoy!

— Stefanie Freitas


Digital Design

I'm happy to present to you some of my works as a digital designer based on my knowledge I've been collecting by my experience.

#socialmedia #newsletter #photomanipulation #photoedition

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UX | UI Designer

Digital Products

As a Junior UI/UX Designer with knowledge in web design, I strive to create websites that attract the attention of your potential customers and business partners.

#UIdesign #UXdesign #visualdesign

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Graphic | Brand Design

If you need help to redesign your brand, such as logo, posters, business cards, brochures, or anything related to printed materials I'm here to help you.

#typography #packaging #branddesign #illustration

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To infinity and beyond imagination

Make your project work better

Do you like what you see? Allow me to bring this passion to your project/company and I'll be grateful to make you proud of what you do!