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About the project

Meve is a cosmetic brand focused on self-care with skin and hair care products. It's not focused on makeup and the purpose of the brand was to make women feel more comfortable with themselves, offering self-care products. My role was to build the brand identity and the user interface, contributing to the user experience.

The Problem | Challenge

The brand goal was to build an identity from 0 together with an ecommerce website that meets the users necessities.

How can we build a virtual store that filters users' needs and builds trust so that there is a return?


The research goal was to build a virtual store that offers trust and all the needed information to the users. One of the most useful and insightful researches to this kind of problem is the competitive research. Through competitive research I could filter all the features that can bring a better experience and observe all the other details about the brand that should be considered.

Competitive Analysis

Method 01

After analyzing the behavior and features of four big brands in the same industry, I was still not satisfied. I needed to research further to collect more data that would be useful to find solutions to the needs that were presented. One thing I realized through this research is that not many brands sell only hair and skin care products specifically. They are usually just for skin or hair. Or sell everything. I wanted to get deep not only in features but in how the brand presents itself to the audience.

Getting to know our target audience

Method 02

Our target audience is 99% of women who are interested in knowing more about self-care with natural and good quality products. Most of them are independent women with a good sense of the ingredients that are good for their skin's quality. It would be very helpful to enhance what the products are made of and how trustful they are for their skin and hair.


These are not all the insights that I got from my research, because they are too many. These below are the most important pieces of information that I implemented on the website for a better experience and for the development of the brand.


The most curious thing about my research that called my attention was how one website tried to innovate in its communication with the users through a virtual chat. It's automatic and you can talk with real people (not a robot). It gives the sensation of being in an actual store and being helped by real attendants.

Result:The users feel more comfortable, secure and, informed with the purchase process.

I noticed that the information is the most important part of an e-commerce website. The users are not informed when a product is out of stock or it doesn't have the information on how and when their product will arrive. The information about the product ingredients, which is something that our target audience values the most.

Result:It helps the brand to gain more trust towards the users.



Information filtering is one of the most important and essential functions in a virtual store. With a search engine, the users can specify the ideal products they need based on their hair and skin type.

Result: The users can feel more welcomed and special when we show them how much we value their self-care.


My strategies are based on the insights, and ideas I collected from the research and the UX process. Below you will see some ideas I had for the construction of the website interface.

Building trust


Our users need to gain trust before anything can happen. It happens with everyone when we are purchasing something on the internet, and as long we gather recommendations our brand starts to gain more trust towards the users. Thinking about that, we need to let clear that our products are trustworthy.



I was responsible for the logo creation, and I wanted to apply our research and especially the brand idea behind this message we wanted to pass. So we have this comparison with the sea, the waves, and the women's body. It's not just about the shapes, but also about the feeling, this calmness. I didn't want to put too much on it, not even with the colors. First, because it would be cliche, and second because the brand aesthetic has this simple touch.

Being accessible


Functions are created to facilitate the users' life. So, thinking about that, we build clear and easy access to all our functions that would be useful to our users when they are purchasing something. The search engine, card area, login area, virtual chat, and little details could improve a lot.


high fidelity

After all the insights I collected from the research, I was able to visualize the interface according to the experience we wanted to pass to our users. We put pop-ups to promote the selling and a virtual chat to be more close to the user's needs in case of questions.



My favorite role in this project was to participate in the brand identity. We could explore different points of view to the idea we had in mind and the final concept was directly related to the value we wanted to purpose. The shapes, the language, the visual aesthetic, and, of course, the message. All this was developed to add value to our main goal, which was to promote self-love above any type of beauty concept.

The idea we had in the begging unfolded other paths to make it work the way we wanted according to the brand concept. First, we wanted a "more simple" style only with a soft gradient, but it was very cliche and a lot of brands already did that. So we took this idea and we apply to the brand in a more original way.


I could explore my imagination and ideas throughout the project process, which allowed me to think differently and rethink things that I thought were a good idea, but in the end that good idea could be more simple and better applied in other ways. Or sometimes the good idea we had, in the beginning, could turn out completely different in the end. This project made also me realize that I like brand design more than I knew. Explore ideas and make them alive is more fun than I thought it would be.

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