Digital Design

Not just a job, but a hobby. 50% of this website is built with digital art/design which I have proud to present to you. All the process is made in Adobe Photoshop, my best friend.

Digital Design is a must nowadays. Everything you see on the internet has a digital design on it, that's why it is so important for the evolution of technology.

“Digital design is like painting, except for the paint never dries.”

— Neville Brody


My Projects


The Photoshop

I consider myself a photoshop girl. Photoshop, in my humble opinion, is the best design software that exists and it's my main tool to use with digital design | art. My process to make these digital projects requires a lot o photo manipulation. I can't explain in detail in a too-short space, but basically I like to start collecting some references and photos, then I use my digital table to make the details depending on the project.

I use a layer style in all my projects. You can notice the difference between the first example and the second one. It's my last step. For me, this is the most important thing before the art itself. Below you can see a plugin - Topaz Clean - that I use in all my photos.