Graphic & Brand Design

Build a graphic project isn't just about making something good for your eyes. We do judge a book by the cover, and when I face it it's not just the design itself that attracts me the most, is how it works in your mind.

Therefore, Graphic Design doesn't not only exists to make your brand look pretty, but also to give value to your brand.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

— Robert L. Peters


My main projects


Trillium Defence

Trillium Defence is a Canadian security company with a brand already defined. The Bunchberry flower is used as a symbol because it was founded in Toronto. The shield shape represents the bravery and courage. The colors are soft and bring a calm feeling.

Olk Coffee

Olk is a coffee brand. It's a coffee extracted by the farmers so I wanted people to remember this when they see it. It's an open window shape, like a wooden window, and of course a coffee plant in the middle. I used two fonts, a basic one, and a calligraphy one. I like to use a maximum of 2 fonts and two colors.


Gerden is a simple logo. I made the moose in the illustrator and the final result in Photoshop. It's from a cold country, so I decided that a moose would be a good animal to represent it and a serif font to make it more harmonic.